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Chien-Ching Li

Rush University
PROJECT TITLE: Mental health outcomes among LGB and Non-LGB Older Asian Americans: A Mixed Methods Study of the Influence of Minority Stress.
MENTOR: XinQi Dong, MD, MPH; Phoenix A. Matthews, PhD

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Eeeseung Byun

University of Washington
PROJECT TITLE: Resilience, Gut Microbiota, Inflammation and Symptoms in Asian Older Adults with Stroke.

MENTOR: Hilaire Thompson, PhD, RN; Margaret Heitkemper, RN, PhD

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Hyunwoo Yoon

Portland State University
PROJECT TITLE: Improving Access to Healthcare in Asian Americans: the Role of Individual and Contextual Factors.
MENTOR: Yuri Jang, PhD

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Jason Flatt

University of Nevada –Las Vegas
PROJECT TITLE: Exploring the associations between risk and protective factors and the health of older sexual and gender minority Asian Americans.
MENTOR: Tung Nguyen, MD; Julene K Johnson, PhD

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Jennifer Tsui

Rutgers University
PROJECT TITLE: Implementation of a Health-Related Social Needs Screening Tool in Primary Care Settings.

MENTOR: Joel Cantor, ScD; Su Wang, MD, MPH

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Jinyu Liu

Columbia University
PROJECT TITLE: Stress Coping Process among Homebound Chinese and Korean American Older Adults: How do Internet Use and Acculturation matter?

MENTOR: Namkee G. Choi, PhD; Ada Mui, PhD

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May Guo

University of Iowa
PROJECT TITLE: Resilience in the Face of Adversity: The Case of U.S. Chinese Older Adults

MENTOR: Iris Chi, DSW; XinQi Dong, MD, MPH

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Mengting Li

Rutgers University
PROJECT TITLE: Association between Incident Elder Abuse and Trajectories of Cognitive Decline in US Chinese Population: Moderating and Mediating Effects of Resilience Factors.


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Soko Setoguchi

Rutgers University
PROJECT TITLE: Health Outcomes in Asian Older Adults under Extreme Heat and Medication Use

MENTOR: XinQi Dong, MD, MPH; Yea-Huei Kao Yang, PhD; David Robinson, PhD


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Hannah Nguyen

California State University - Dominguez Hills
PROJECT TITLE: Evaluating and refining a culturally-informed psychosocial intervention for older Vietnamese American family caregivers

MENTOR: Marjorie Kagawa -Singer, PhD, MA,MN, RN; Dara Sorkin, PhD, MPH

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Jisook Ko

University of Texas San Antonio
PROJECT TITLE: Dining with Diabetes: Precise and Personalized Behavioral Nutrition Intervention for Asian American older adults.

MENTOR: Jing Wang, PhD, MPH

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JiWon Choi

PROJECT TITLE: SHARE (Share History, Activity, Resilience, and Experience) project among Asian American older adult caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias

MENTOR: Van Park, PhD, MPH; Janice Tsoh, PhD

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Ling Xu

University of Texas Arlington
PROJECT TITLE: Intergenerational reminiscence approach in improving emotional well-being: An exploratory study with old Asian Americans using virtual reality.


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Olga Jarrín Montaner

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
PROJECT TITLE: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Health Services Research: The Significance of Birthplace, Historical Events, and Resilience in Asian Minority Aging Research.


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Sam Li

University of Tennessee Health Science Center
PROJECT TITLE: Trends in Prevalence, Predictors, and Economic Burden of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias among Older Multi-Ethnic Asian Americans.

MENTOR: Kevin Lu, PhD

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Tali Elfassy

University of Miami
PROJECT TITLE: The NOVA dietary framework and its association with cardiometabolic risk, cognition, and mortality among Asian and other ethnic/minority older US adults.

MENTOR: Stella Yi, PhD

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Ying-Yu Chao

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
PROJECT TITLE: Help-seeking among U.S. Chinese Older Adults with Elder Mistreatment.

MENTOR: XinQi Dong, MD, MPH; Shou-En Lu, PhD

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Arnab Mukherjea

California State University - East bay
PROJECT TITLE: Culturally appropriate interventions to increase CRC screening in South Asian Populations

MENTOR: Scarlett Lin Gomez, PhD, MPH; Susan L. Ivey, MD, MHSA


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Angela Sy

University of Hawaii
PROJECT TITLE: Impact of Caregiving for Older Adults with Dementia on the Quality of Life and Health Status of Asian American Family Caregivers.

MENTOR: Merle Kataoka-Yahiro, DrPH

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Emerson Ea

New York University
PROJECT TITLE: Cultural- and immigration-related factors that influence oral health and dental care practices among Filipino older adult immigrants.

MENTOR: Bei Wu, PhD; Gilbert Gee, PhD

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Keith Chan

Congressional Fellow, U.S. House Committee on Ways & Means.
Health and Aging Policy Fellows Program, 2020-2021.
Hunter College, City University of New York
PROJECT TITLE: Examining the Acculturation, Trauma, Resilience and Health Outcomes for Asians in the US & Canada.

MENTOR: Thanh Van Tran, PhD.; Esme Fuller-Thomson, PhD; Patrick Leung, PhD

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Ping Ma

Texas A&M University
PROJECT TITLE: Applying the positive deviance approach to promote the utilization of mental health services and substance abuse treatment among older traumatized Asian immigrants in the United States

MENTOR: Lei-Shih Chen , PhD, MCHES; Qingwen, Xu, PhD; Yan Hong, PhD; Yan Du

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Yura Lee

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
PROJECT TITLE: Asian Research Center for Minority Aging Research Pilot Study.

MENTOR: Ira Driscoll, PhD


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Judy Tan

University of California San Francisco
PROJECT TITLE: Elucidating resilience during COVID-19 pandemic in older Chinese immigrants living in congregate, low-income housing in the United States

MENTOR: Janice Tsoh, PhD; Ann M. Nguyen, PhD, MPH

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Kaipeng Wang

University of Denver
PROJECT TITLE: Attitudes toward and experiences of family involvement in end-of-life care among older Southeast Asian Americans and Chinese Americans: How does family relationship matter?

MENTOR: Bei Wu, PhD; Sue Levkoff, ScD

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Melanie D. Sabado-Liwag

California State University-Los Angeles
PROJECT TITLE: Understanding mental health among aging Filipinos: the digital world and COVID-19

MENTOR: Evaon Wong-Kim, PhD, MPH, MSW; Paula Palmer, PhD

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Robert Huang

Stanford University
PROJECT TITLE: The Impact of Immigrant Diversity on Community-Wide Resilience against Age-Related Diseases: The NEIGHBORS Study

MENTOR: Palaniappan Manickman, MD

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Saruna Ghimire

Miami University
PROJECT TITLE: Exploring the associations between religious coping, resiliency, and social support and the physical and mental health of Bhutanese refugee older adults in Ohio.

MENTOR: Robert Applebaum, PhD, MSW; Janardan Subedi, PhD


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Annalyn Valdez-Dadia

California State University, Dominguez Hills
PROJECT TITLE: Understanding the post-treatment needs of older adult Filipino American breast cancer survivors

MENTOR: Sora Park Tanjasiri, DrPH, MPH; Marjorie Kagawa-Singer, PhD, MA, MN, RN, FAAN

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Weiyu Mao

University of Nevada, Reno
PROJECT TITLE: Cultivating resilience in the context of racial discrimination and oral health: an exploratory study of older Chinese Immigrants

MENTOR: Bei Wu, PhD; Iris Chi, DSW; Wei Yang, PhD

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Mary Dioise Ramos

Kennesaw State University
PROJECT TITLE: Building resilience using photovoice among Filipino American care partners

MENTOR: Rose E. Constantino, PhD, JD, RN, FACFE, FAAN; Emerson Ea, PhD, DNP, APRN, FAAN; M. Danet Lapiz-Bluhm, PhD, RN, MSCI, FAAN